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Copper Tubing (Copper Pipe)
  • Description

    Copper tubing is a seamless pipe pressed and drawn by copper and copper alloy. Copper pipe is typical of solid quality, high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, making it applicable under different environment. With the corrosion resistance character, copper pipe has become the first choice for modern contractors when installing tap water pipes, heating pipes and cooling pipes in all residential commodity houses. Copper pipe is the best pipe for water supply. We mainly supply red copper pipe, brass pipe, aluminum bronze pipe, cupronickel pipe, etc.


    1. Copper tubing is economic.

    Copper tubing is easy to process and connect, which saves materials and total fees when installing. Excellent stability and reliability helps to reduce maintenance.

    2. Copper is light.

    For rifled tube with the same inner diameter, copper tubing does not need to be as thick as the ferrous metal. Copper pipes require fewer transmission fees during installation, easier maintenance and smaller space.

    3. Shape of copper can be changed.

    As copper pipe can bend and transform, it is always utilized to manufacture bends and joints, and copper tubing can bend with any angle on account of its smooth bending.

    4. Copper is safe.

    It does not leak and generate toxic gases. It’s corrosion-resistant and not combustion-supporting. With extremely compact organizational structure, copper tube is impervious. Oil, bacteria, virus, oxygen, UV and other harmful substances are incapable of penetrating into copper tubes to pollute the water.

    5. Copper enjoys stable chemical property.

    It is characterized by cold resistance, hot resistance, pressure resistance, fire resistance (melting point of copper reaches 1,083 degree centigrade), making it suitable to be used in various environment for a long time.
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